About Rembrandt 3D Corporation

Rembrandt 3D Corp is a New York based Delaware corporation with headquarters in Ithaca New York.  Founded by CEO Stephen Blumenthal in 2012, Rembrandt 3D has developed proprietary 3D No Glasses, Auto Stereoscopic 3D (AS3D) technology.  The Maestro(TM) software tools optimizes 3D image quality through On Screen tools that support User adjustments for real time image correction. The company has developed a full line of large screen AS3D televisions for Consumer, Commercial, Military, Medical and Scientific applications, For more information visit our website a;



The Rembrandt 3D  Masetro (TM) 10" Android Tablet produces  conversion of 2D content in to 3D glasses free content from all downloaded 2D video. NO GLASSES 3D is called, "Auto Stereoscopic 3D" (AS3D).  The Rembrandt 3D on the fly, 2D to 3D No Glasses content conversion software,  produces an artifact free 3D depth rich image that supports User On-Screen Depth Adjustments. 

The Rembrandt 3D "Live" On Screen 3D Adjustments

This key User 3D customization feature is determined by the Users visual comfort level and personal preferences. The "3D Adjustability" is integrated into the 3D playback of all downloaded 2D content, into 3D Game conversion, and into the 2D camera capture and 3D playback. The Rembrandt 3D Maestro optimization supports the Viewers ability to "fix" or Optimize the 3D content, while viewed "Live" on the Tablet. Only Rembrandt 3D provides the  ON- Screen tools for the Viewer to correct the 3D image quality in the same manner as when adjusting volume or brightness on a standard HD 2DTV.

The Maestro 3D Control Center for Consumer Home With Glasses 3DTV

In addition to operating as a 3DTV, all of the 3D video played on the Maestro 3D screen may exported via the HDMI output to a standard With Glasses Consumer 3DTV.  The Maestro becomes a 3D Control center for 3D With Glasses image correction, adjustment and optimization.  By supporting the Viewers ability to "fix" flawed 3D With Glasses content, while viewed on the Home 3DTV, the Viewer is able to eliminate 3D video artifacts that cause dizziness, eye strain and discomfort. Again, this feature allows the User to correct the 3D  image quality in the same manner as when adjusting Volume or Brightness on a standard HD 2DTV.  


The Maestro 10 3DTV is a full throtle Quad Core, 16 Gig Android with WiFi, Bluetooth, 2 Cameras, front and back,  and comes with a PU "Leather" Cover/ Stand with Detachable Bluetooth keyboard and Stylus.  See Specification Sheet

Website and Apps

Visit our Website..www.rembrandt3d.com ,,, for a full description of features, on board Video Games and preloaded Apps.  The Maestro 10" 3DTV is designed to provide Laptop Office PC functionality with the User download of current software Apps from companies like Kingsoft Office for Word, PPT and EXcell compatible software. And 3DTV viewing from companies like EndlessTV who provide Free television programing for a wide range of 2D television broadcast for download and 3D conversion.


The Rembrandt 3D Maestro 10" Tablet comes with a 10 Day Home Trial, full refund Satisfaction Guarantee return policy. Units should be returned with accessories and packaging materials.  So please make sure that if you are returning a Tablet that include all of the components. Thank you..