Product 10.1" 3D Tablet PC / Operating System - Android 4.2.2 / Screen Size- 10.1 /
Glasses Free 3D/ MID System / / Best view distance 30-50cm
Display Ratio-16:9 / Resolution- 1280 x 800 pixels /  Rockchip RK3188-T Quad Core /
CPU Cortex-A9 1.6GHz / 16 gig ROM Hardrive / LI-polymer Rechargeable Battery
Touch Screen Multi touch / 10 Points Capacitance / WiFi 802.11b/g/n. / Bluetooth 4.0 /
G -Sensory All Gravity Induction, HardKey  ON/Off / Hardkey & On Screen Vol/
Sound system-1 watt/ 8 ohm speaker /  Audio Support - Support MP3, WMA,
MP2, OGG, AAC, M4A'  MA4' FLAC. APE, 3GP, WAV etc.
Camera System- 0.3 Front / 5.0 MP Rear with Auto Focus  / Video Supporl 1080P
Video: Mpegl, Mpeg2' Mpeg4. SP/ASP GMC, XVID, H.263, H.264BP/MP/HP WMV7/8,WMV9A/VC1
BP/MP/AP, VP6/8, AVS,JPEG/MJPEG etc. 3MP- PNG. JPG. GIF. // Photo Viewer - BMP / PNG /GIF .
Memory- Internal Memory RAM - 1GIG DDR3, ROM 16 GIG,
External Memory- Mirco SD Card Slot / Up to 32 GB flash //// USB Ethernet support.
3D Specifications - Glasses Free supports MKV,  AVI, TS, MP4, 3GP, 3DP etc.
L&R 3D video formt for Side by Side, Squeezed SxS, Over Under,
2D to 3D conversion for all Downloaded content from Internet, Flash Drives, External Drives, Video Games, On Board Camera,
Auto conversion and playback of all 3D Stereocopic original content into Auto Stereoscopic 3D content.
Support 3D  With Glasses video, HDMI output to 3D Consumer TV.
USB connectior JSB 2.0 High Speed OTG, /On Screen Owners Manual, / Hardcopy QUICK START Guide /
3D Vac AC/DC Power Adapter Power Supply / AC - 10-240V 50/60H2; DC 5V/2A

Shipping Details- Unit Dimension (LxWxH 263 x 166 x12 mm)
Weight - 779 Grams


Rembrandt 3D Glasses‐Free Tablet Quick Start Set Up

1.) TURN ON ‐Power Switch ‐ Turns the tablet on & off. Hold down, unit boots, slide lock to Right. Desktop opens, choose Icon. Albums, Web Browser, APPS, Settings, Sound. Choose Apps to access all features and operations. Settings to Set Up hardware features, WIFI, and to check status.


2) Volume, Press the Volume + increase sound. Press the Volume ‐ button to decrease sound.

3)Front Camera, 4)Rear Camera, Choose Apps from Desktop, select Camera App, select camera, operation. 5.)TF Card Slot ‐ Micro SD slot. 6.) Reset, 7.) DC Power 8) Micro USB‐ to connect PC for data transmission, device charging and for PC downloading. 9.) HDMI Output Interface , 10.) Headphone Socket. 11) Speaker.

Battery Charging / Insert AC /DC converter to AC wall outlet. A charging indicator appears. Check for Battery charge in Settings. NOTE ‐The battery is not fully charged from factory, so it is recommended that you charge the battery for at least 6 hours before you start to use the device. You can use the tablet while it charges.

Turning the Tablet On/Off‐ After the battery has been fully charged, press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on the device. The screen lock will appear on the screen after starting up. To unlock the screen, slide the lock icon toward the unlock icon on the right to access the main interface. To power off press /hold the power switch for 3 secs, screen will show power off options, select OK to turn off.

Apps‐You can download the Apps from Android Market and install them online, or you can install the Apps from your Micro SD card or USB devices. Open the APPS menu by touching the icon, then tap on setting icon.

Wi‐Fi‐In the Wireless & Networks sub‐menu tap on the Wi‐Fi “OFF” to open the choices., All available Wi‐Fi networks will be listed, tap on your Wi‐Fi network and start to connect. If the Wi‐Fi network does not need a password, tap "connect" to start the connection. If the Wi‐Fi network needs a password, then input the password and tap “connect” to start the connection

Camera ‐Tap on the camera icon to run the application. The camera is located in the center of the tablet top, aim at it when you take photo or video. Tap the camera icon to start to take photo or video. If you want to take photo, tap the icon to take photo to take video, tap on the video icon The photos or videos will be saved automatically to internal memory, select “File Manager”, then select folder “DCIM”, select “Camera” to find the photos or videos just took.

3D Video player and 3D pictures‐Click Apps/ FUNCTION MENU on Desktop button; enter “the application‐ 3D Gallery (Tridef), all the pictures and videos in 2D and 3D format listed, appear as pics, in that interface, Choose 2d or 3D file to play.

NOTE‐ before playing them, click “Setting” in the right top corner, then choose “component interlaced”, after complete it, click “ close” to exit.
ADJUST 3D‐ As the 3D video plays tap the screen in the upper Right hand corner to bring up 3D icon and adjust the 3D depth amount using the slider. For 2D to 3D conversion there is an additional slider to adjust the stereo focus.

3D Games‐Click “APPS Function Menu” button; enter “the application‐ 3D games (Tridef), the games listed can be downloaded and then played in 3D.

MEMORY STORAGE ‐Downloading Content from PC‐ connect mini USB cable to Tablet and USB to PC. On tablet a window opens, click “ Turn on Memory Storage”. ( A Turn Off Memory Storage will appear) Go to PC “Computer” and Open “MID”, Movies. PC sees Tablet as Flash drive. Drag content from PC into Movies, 2D or 3D. Eject Mid from PC, click “Turn off Storage” on tablet, disconnect cable. Open TriDef player App, choose file, click and play.

For additional instructions please open the “Rembrandt3D manual” on your tablet.

Contact‐ sales@rembrandt3d.com, website – www.rembrandt3d.com Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserve


About Android Touch Screen- When ever the User is unsure of how to proceed in any given operation,  touch the words, pic, icon, or what ever object last appeared on the screen, this will generally initiate the next series of choices.

QuickStart Guide -Check out the QuickStart Guide (QSG)  for a basic overview of all 3D Tablet Operations. Store the QuickStart guide behind the tablet between the case and tablet back.

The Capacitance pen - fits neatly into the magnetic clasp fold that secures the Tablet book. For non keyboard fast access, the pen offers great performance.

The Tablet Manual - is the Book Icon on the Desktop in the upper left hand corner.  It is screen shot driven for ease of mastering Android operations. This Android 4.2 system has many new features, which if not explained in the Manual,  can be easily "googled" for fast updates and clarifications. The check the website for updates, and email questions to sales@rembrandt3d.com

Operations -Most operations start with the Apps Menu or the Settings Menu found on the opening Desktop, bottom /front, see QS Guide for location diagram.

ON/OFF - When turning on Tablet, depending upon on how the unit was :shut down: it may be necessary to hold the Power button down for 3 seconds, if unit does not REBOOT in 3 seconds, retry the Power button for 4 seconds, and the unit will "wake up". and turn on. Remember to charge the unit until the Lock icon shows "100% Charged". 

3D Stereoscopic Television Content Viewing- For Viewing the optimal quality of 3D content from 2D conversion, the High Definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 delivers the best 3D image quality. Internet download resolutions of 720p and 480p provide acceptable 3D quality, but 240P res downloads will suffer from fuzzy edges and "soft" 3D.  Always try to download HD level content where ever possible. 

3D On Screen Adjustments for 2D Video Clips - When playing a 2D clip or photo, a 2D/3D box and 3D icon will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Touch the 2D/3D Box and two slider controls will appear under the 3D icon.  These controls operate to adjust the focus and modify the 3D intensity while expanding or contracting the " Sweet spot". 

These two controls work in conjunction with each other, and the correct position for any video clips depends entirely on how comfortable the viewer is with the 3D effects.  Each clip can be set to the User's comfort level, and the clip will retain the "memory" of the Users personal preference adjustment and play the clip with the User's optimization.  

Each User will have to "Play" with the two adjustments inorder to attain the best visual position for the controls based on his/her eyesight and 3D sensitivity. Different types of content will have different adjustments. Each User comfort zone is based on his position relative to the screen distance, eyesight issues, and environmental lighting. 

3D On Screen Adjustments for 3D Stereoscopic Video Clips - When playing a 3D clip, a 2D/3D box and 3D icon will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Touch the 2D/3D Box and a series of boxes will appear under the 2D.3D box.  These boxes represent different 3D formats.  Most 3D clips are played in what is called a "side by side" format. Hence the pictures in the box show a L and a R, in a side by side box, or in an over / under box, or a compressed box. These boxes represent different 3D playback formats.

These boxes are all choices which the User may select in the event that his 3d picture does not look correct on the screen. The issue is that the playback is in the wrong format.  Touching each of the boxes will immediately show the clip in that format. Keep selecting until the clip appears to be in a good 3D image position. Most 3D clips will be best viewed in the first L/R box at the far Left end of the selection.

Once the clip is playing back in the correct format, touch the 3D icon in the upper right hand corner, and a single slider control will appear under the 3D icon.  Move this slider up and down until the 3D image is clear to your viewing.  Most clips are best viewed in a middle section of the Red Dot's range on the Slider' control.  An easy reference point is to start to adjust the control at the bottom end of the slider, moving upward as the clip is playing, and aligning the ghosting or double images until they form a single 3D image.

General Tips -Always reboot after downloading from an external source like a PC, using the Tablet's  Rockchips Directory, after ejecting the Rockchips from the PC.

Keyboard Pairing - When using keyboard, turn it on first, test sending by pressing button, Blue light will flash, then go to Settings on Tablet Desktop, choose Bluetooth, touch screen switch to 'ON', Then touch the word "Bluetooth" and an " Available Devices " window will open, touch Bluetooth Keyboard 3.0, and a new window will open, Bluetooth Pairing request, with instructions to type a series of numbers on the keyboard. Pairing is now complete. Be sure that the blue light is blinking on the keyboard when you are pairing. 

To Delete an App -  from the Desktop, hold down the App icon until a square shadow appears on the Desktop and red dot appears in the Center Top of the screen with the word "Remove", drag the App icon over to the Remove marker and it will disappear, and be Removed.


The WAMI3D 10" Tablet comes with a 30 Day Home Trial, full refund Satisfaction Guarantee return policy. If for any reason you wish to Return the unit, then PLEASE email " sales@rembrandt3d.com and request a Return Authorization (RA) Identification Number within the 10 Day Home Trial.  You will be emailed an RA# and instructions on how to proceed. Please do not Return the unit without an RA#.  All Returns are given a full Refund during the 30 Day Home Trial. The Tablet must be returned in good condition with all accessories.  We would appreciate getting any feedback from you describing your reason for the Return of our product.  This will  assist us in correcting for Customer issues and concerns.  Thank You.