3DTV 10" Android Tablet, NO Glasses (WITHOUT Cover Keyboard)

3DTV 10" Android Tablet, NO Glasses (WITHOUT Cover Keyboard)



The Rembrandt3D 10" Android Tablet is a NO Glasses 3DTV  4 in 1 PC.  

It's a 3D Tablet, a 3D Photo Frame, a 2D Camera Capture auto converted

into  3DPlayback, & it's 3D HUB for 3D Playback on Home With Glasses 

3DTV. The automatic 3D conversion features include  the 2D to 3D content 

conversion for all Downloaded 2D videos, photos,and pre scripted

2D Android games.  The Rembrandt3D  Tablet produces real time, on the

fly algorithmic conversion of 2D content in to 3D glasses free

content from all downloaded 2D video.   The HUB function supports the

 Viewers ability to "fix" flawed 3D when viewed on the HOME 

With Glasses 3DTV.  

The Tablet PC is a full throttle Quad Core, 16 gig HD, with 

Google Cloud Storage, Wifi,Bluetooth, I gig of RAM, and a 

pre loaded set of Applications.

Specs see:http://wami3d.com/p/man or Navigation Bar / Specs

The Rembrandt3D Tablet is designed to provide Laptop Office PC 

functionality with the On Board Apps  from companies like 

OfficePlus for Word, PPT and EXcell compatible software.  

And 3DTV viewing from companies like EndlessTV and 

YABAZAM 3D who provide Free  and PPV / VOD television 

programing for a wide range of 2D & 3D television broadcast 

for download. 

The Rembrandt3D Tablet is a state of the art breakthrough in the 

advancement of consumer 3D Auto Stereoscopic Television.

30 Day Home Trial, Free Shipping in USA,  It is an amazing piece 

of equipment.  You'll love it.