Special Edition Fallingwater 3D 10" 3d Glasses-Free Android PC Tablet includes slate gray bluetooth keyboard, cover and stylus. SHIPS IMMEDIATELY - Limited Supply

Special Edition Fallingwater 3D 10" 3d Glasses-Free Android PC Tablet includes slate gray bluetooth keyboard, cover and stylus. SHIPS IMMEDIATELY - Limited Supply


The Rembrandt 3D  Maestro (TM) 10" Android Tablet produces  conversion of 2D content in to 3D glasses free content from all downloaded 2D video. NO GLASSES 3D is called, "Auto Stereoscopic 3D" (AS3D). The Rembrandt 3D on the fly, 2D to 3D No Glasses content conversion software, produces an artifact free 3D depth rich image that supports User On-Screen Depth Adjustments. 

This Special Edition comes preloaded with a 36minute 3D tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater building outside of Pittsburg, PA


3D 10" Android No Glasses Tablet, for 3D "LIve" conversion / playback of Movies, Video Games, and 2D Camera capture content as 3D. 

• 3D playback of 2D camera capture without glasses. Shoot it in 2D from any source, or from the on board camera, download it and playback in 3D on Tablet or on HOME 3DTV.

• Picture Perfect 3D Adjustment - Uses set their own personal comfort level for 3D intensity to enjoy the visual magic of 3D imagery without eyestrain.

• Automatic conversion of 2D videos and stills from downloads or  camera capture - 3D the way your eyes see.

• Gaming in 3D - Glasses-free 3D adds new dimension and challenge to your gaming fun. Tablet comes with 10 - 3D Android games available for download.

• Quad-Core processor provides fast processing for all apps.  Additional Apps for Word processing, Power Point presentations and Excel spreadsheet work.

• 10.1" Display gives clear view to all activity - supports 1080P video.

• 5MP rear camera and .3 MP front camera.  Camera content automatically converts to 3D on the tablet for viewing.

• Android 4.2.2

• 16GB RAM

• Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.

• Bluetooth detachable keyboard and secure cover with stylus.

• USB interface include cables for PC connection and flash drives.

• HDMI output to your 3D TV or 3D monitor.  This feature utilizes the Tablet as a Control center for adjusting, correcting and optimizing

the 3D image for HOME WIth Glasses 3DTV.

• Micro SD card slot.

• Rechargeable 8000 mAH Li-polymer battery, AC charger included - also charge via USB port


Rembrandt 3D brings to market the World’s first, 3D User Friendly,  No Glasses Personal Viewing 3DTV experience. The Rembrandt 3D “Maestro” Auto Stereoscopic 3D (AS3D) 10.1” Android 4.2.2 Tablet, is a major step forward in the realm of Personal Viewing 3D displays. This NO Glasses 3D tablet is engineered to incorporate 3D PC Tablet functions which are“ 3D User Friendly Adjustable” and unique to Rembrandt 3D.

   Included Features:

a) The Maestro Tablet comes with Real Time conversion and playback of all 2D content into 3D AS3D format and for Playback on Consumer With Glasses Stereoscopic 3DTV’s.

b) The 3D Maestro Tablet comes with On screen 3D User Friendly Controls. This is the only AS3D Tablet on the market today that incorporates “Live” 3D Depth Adjustments, allowing the viewer to “fix” the 3D image to their personal preference, making “customized” 3D corrections and optimizations, on the fly while viewing the 3D image.These controls operate the same as Brightness or Volume on a standard Tablet.

This feature eliminates any concern regarding eye strain, and other 3D issues which have historically made 3D viewing problematic.

c) 3D Versatility. The Rembrandt 3D Maestro Tablet features a 3D HDMI Output for a 3D Playback connection to a Standard With Glasses, HOME  big screen 3DTV.  This 2D to 3D conversion supports the User Friendly Adjustment while viewing content on With Glasses 3DTV, providing correction and optimization of the 3D With Glasses content. This feature eliminates eye strain and dizziness associated with viewing With Glasses 3DTV.

d) The 3D Maestro Tablet supports playback of pre‐recorded and downloaded 3D stereoscopic content as found on Web Sites such as You Tube, Endless TV, YABAZZAM, and from commercial sources, and from the SD card..

e)  Accessories: Cover Stand in slate gray / KeyBoard and Stylus Cover Stand / micro USB to standard USB cable for downloading from PC / Power Supply AD/DC Adapter / Instruction Manual / Quick Start Instructions.

International shipping with insurance is $75.00, signature required upon delivery